Collaborative robots

Collaborative Robots: INDEVA® Cobotics and AGV

Collaborative robots symbolize the evolution of traditional robots. Cobots and AGVs have the big advantage of being able to work closely with humans without compromising their safety, carrying out those activities that may involve health risks and allowing companies of any size to take advantage of the potentiality of automation

human-bot interaction

Human-Cobot Interaction

The Cobot checks the presence and quality of the parts and passes them, according to the assembly order, to the operator. Downtime for searching and verifying parts is zero.

COVID-19: defeat it with a Cobot

The spread of covid-19 infection has changed our habits, INDEVA Cobotics has decided to defeat it with a Cobot, find out how!

New Series A

Even faster, safer, able to juggle tasks requiring particular precision, reduced work cycles with even faster maximization of ROI.

Sample assembly with Doosan Cobot

Scaglia INDEVA studied the different phases of sample assembly together with the customer, verifying processes, timing and problems. The solution was a Doosan Cobot.