Collaborative palletizing island

Modular and ready-to-use solution for any palletizing need of boxes, cans or other objects up to 16 kg (after checking the applied tool).

Speed up to 14 pieces/min (guaranteed rate with box weight of max 8 kg and with non-collaborative working mode and multiple gripping head).

The large color panel mounted on the machine assists the user in a clear and fast way, allowing him to optimize the palletizing process automatically without the need of additional programs.

Possibility of managing interlayers, thanks to the special warehouse module and the creation of particularly high pallets by means of a telescopic column.

Collaborative Palletizer

Warehouse layers

Boxes Input Module

telescopic column
warehouse flaps
Boxes Input Module

PalFlex advantages

  • Easily transportable with a simple pallet truck


  • Motorized telescopic column for Cobot to reach different heights


  • Plug & Play: just a standard 220V and AC outlet to get started


  • Ballasted base, possibility of working without having to anchor it to the floor and flexibility in positioning
  • Secure: Immediate lockout upon obstacle detection, safety level Cat.3 PL d, guaranteed by the CE marking in accordance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC


  • Versatile: gripping hand can be customized according to the customer’s specific needs. Realizable in different shapes depending on what is to be handled (16-20 kg after verification of the cobot payload)


  • Quick and easy task configuration using dedicated palletizing software, with just a few steps, allows the creation and optimization of palletizing configurations

The INDEVA PalFlex Configurator

Dedicated palletizing software makes PalFlex unique on the market

Product size setting

Pallet size setting (1200x800 - 1200x1000)

Choice of appropriate design (Max height 2300 mm)

Product size setting
Pallet size setting
Choice of appropriate design

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