Loaders and automatic warehouses

Islands prepared to interface with the company management system,industry 4.0 compliant.

They have an integrated system that stores data on quantities and processing times.

They are compatible with most CNC control models . It moves easily, allowing you to automate multiple machines with one cobot.

They make it possible to speed up production processes, especially repetitive and monotonous ones, eliminating downtime and fully exploiting the potential of operators and machines.

Loadflex CS

CS is an entry-level, compact and easy-to-handle warehouse. It consists of a load-bearing structure designed to support a large fixed shelf, on which a wide variety of grids with overall dimensions of 580 x 780 mm can be placed.

Prepared to interface with Doosan collaborative robots that are easy to configure, it is the ideal product for companies wishing to approach the world of robotics.

Possibility to choose to be equipped with the robot’s teach pendant or with an industrial PC.

cs con cobot M0609
CSDOPPIO con cobot Doosan


CSDOUBLE is the extended version of the CS warehouse.

It allows 100% more parts to be stored thanks to its double grid.

It is ready to interface with Doosan collaborative robots of various models and sizes.

Available in basic version with robot teach pendant or with industrial PC.

The automation is already prepared for configuration according to Industry 4.0 requirements.

Loadflex ASW

The ASW automatic warehouse is the perfect synthesis of a collaborative robot and a drawer warehouse system. The drawers, moved by an internal shuttle, are brought to a pick-up bay, from this position the cobot will pick up the articles and serve the machine tool.

The total storage area available is over 5 square metres.

ASW is a warehouse that can be used in various sectors thanks to its compactness and versatility.

Available in versions with 7 or 14 drawers depending on the height of the articles to be stored.


Loadflex GTO

The GTO revolving pallet magazine allows the palletisation of flanges, gears, rings and any other stackable items.

Thanks to 14 rotating pallets and the presence of the collaborative robot, the system is able to serve a wide range of CNC machines.

It is designed to stack items with diameters from 60 to 250 mm with a maximum height of 500 mm.

It comes with Industry 4.0 readiness.

Software di programmazione

The programming software that is integrated into the warehouses is nothing more than an application specially developed to collect the information required for the process, with feedback on machine status, machining progress and any alarms.

Programming by the operator is based on the creation of recipes that are compiled following very intuitive and simple steps so that no specialised workers are required.


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