Loaders and automatic warehouses

Islands prepared to interface with the company management system,industry 4.0 compliant.

They have an integrated system that stores data on quantities and processing times.

They are compatible with most CNC control models . It moves easily, allowing you to automate multiple machines with one cobot.

They make it possible to speed up production processes, especially repetitive and monotonous ones, eliminating downtime and fully exploiting the potential of operators and machines.

CS automated loader

CS is an automated loader , adaptable to different series productions, with different types and quantities of pieces to be processed.
Supplied with n°2/4 base grids with customizable hole dimensions.

inclinable table with excursion 0° – 15°, in order to have rapidity and precision in the positioning of the pieces.
– Industrial PC with Industry 4.0 readiness.


ASW Warehouse

Compact automatic warehouse that represents the solution for any production and process requirement.

The load-bearing structure acts as housing and support for 14 drawers, which are managed by a motorized lateral shuttle that brings them to the cobot’s picking bay. More than 5 sqm of storage area.

Industrial PC supplied as standard.
The grids that can be used in drawers have holes with dimensions: 30 x 30 mm, 50 x 50 mm and 80 x 80 mm.

FP Series Warehouse

Warehouse for the processing of small and large series.
Thanks to the rotating table it can work continuously: on one side the operator loads the blanks and unloads the finished products, while on the other side the Cobot picks them up and positions them in the machine. When the series is finished, the table rotates so as to serve the Cobot again.

Possibility of handling parts from Ø 20 up to Ø 175 mm, with heights up to 400 mm.

The capacity of the grids varies according to the size of the workpiece: for example, if you are machining workpieces with Ø 45 mm (or 45 x 45 mm) you can load 80 pcs/ grid.
No. 4 base grids with customizable hole sizes aresupplied.

FP Warehouse

FPJ Series Warehouse

It allows the machining of small and medium series with a wide range of machining times.

The capacity of the grids varies according to the size of the part: for example, if you are machining parts with Ø 40 mm (or 40 x 40 mm) you can load 157 pcs/grid.

2 grids are suppliedwith customizable hole dimensions.

GTO Revolving Pallet Warehouse

Allows palletizing of rings, flanges, gears and any other stackable item.
On one side the operator loads, while on the other side the cobot loads and unloads the machine. When the stack is finished, the 14 pallets rotate to serve the robot again.

Designed for stacking items with diameters from 60 to 250 mm, for a maximum height of 500 mm.


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