The DOOSAN range of Cobots

Doosan cobot

  • They are characterised by the longest range in their class and a high flow rate.
  • Choice of blue or white for the M and A series. The H series is only available in blue.
  • With an interface that allows programming, control and monitoring in an intuitive and immediate way, even for non-experts.
  • Clean room ISO 14644-1 Class 6 certified, and IP54 dust and splash protection.
  • No need for routine maintenance resulting in zero running costs
  • Equipped with standard signalling LEDs in accordance with ISO 60204-1
  • Advanced security level PL e – CAT 4.
M Series

M Series

The M series stands out as the most versatile, equipped with 6 high-tech torque sensors that provide maximum agility for even the most sophisticated tasks.
In addition, its very high collision sensibility ensures highest operator safety.

A Series

Cheap and fast, the A-Series is the answer for all companies that have not yet entered the world of collaborative robotics.
The A-Series Cobots allow a cycle time reduction of 10% and thanks to their excellent cost-effectiveness, they provide a fast return on investment.
You can also choose the model with a force sensor if you need to perform more delicate tasks.

A Series
H Series

H Series

The exceptional 25kg payload of the H series makes it perfect for operations such as palletising and pick & place. Equipped with 6 torque sensors, it provides a safe working environment and despite its larger size compared to other series, it weighs half as much as other cobots in its category.