Other gripping systems

Gripping systems for collaborative robots

Manufacturer: Robotiq / Schmalz / Schunk / Zimmer / Type: Collaborative grippers

– We can provide gripping systems of different brands that can be integrated with Doosan Cobots according to the customer’s application or upon request.

Recommended Applications:

Discover the end effectors that can be integrated with Doosan Cobots:

Robotiq Electric Grippers

  • Eliminates spare parts and reduces tooling costs;
  • The patented jaw design allows for internal and external parallel gripping, as well as a unique gripping mode;
  • Rugged, factory-tested hardware;
  • High traction force and payload.

Schunk Collaborative Pliers

  • Functional safety ensured by intrinsic safety with current limitation;
  • Plug & Produce;
  • Control via digital I/O for easy commissioning and fast integration into existing systems;

Schmalz vacuum grippers

  • Easy maintenance;
  • Innovative communication technology (IO-Link, NFC chip);
  • Integrated vacuum switch;

Zimmer Collaborative Pliers

  • Plug & Produce;
  • Including safety certification of the German DGUV;
  • Itrequires no additional hardware to use.