Direct Control Unit - Cockpit

– Practical solution for direct learning without using the portable console

– 6 buttons for selecting the various learning modes and entering coordinates

– Possibility of perfect descent in Z axis thanks to the control on the cockpit

– Possibility of maneuvering with free guidance or through the choice of preset movements for the setting of the task that the Cobot will then perform independently

Smart vision system

  • The smart vision system is a Plug & Produce type vision sensor directly mountable on the robot flange, ideal for various vision applications.
  • Optimized design for Doosan Cobots allows for quick and easy installation without additional masks or fasteners.
  • The intuitive user interface allows users to configure SVM in the robotic system with just a few touches on the control interface, from calibration to job settings.
smart vision system for Doosan Cobot

Dress Pack

The Dress Pack is supplied in case extremely complex tools have to be installed, apart from the 6+6 I/O already present on the flange, in case vacuum or pneumatically grips are required.

Dress Pack for Doosan cobot
Heavy duty construction for corrosive environments

Stain Resistant Realization

The Stain Resistant realization is characterized by a surface treatment that allows easier maintenance and cleaning, particularly suitable for corrosive environments.

Water Jacket

Protects the Cobot from contamination by liquids and dust.
The PU coating forms a barrier that ensures the Doosan Cobot maintains optimal operating conditions.

water jacket for cobot protection in painting environments
Mobile base for cobot controller

Mobile Base

  • Integrated with the Cobot, the controller and the self-learning hand control allows for easy movement and relocation.
  • Convenient and ample space for easy storage of tools and peripherals.