One Cobot...Thousands of Benefits

Doosan Cobot sensitive and safe

Sensitive and safe

Doosan Cobots perform precision tasks safely and reliably even at close range.

The following features make us the best partner in terms of security:

  • High-tech torque sensors installed on the six joints ensure a minimum contact force of 0.2 N and high precision and homogeneity of movements at constant speed.
  • Do not need protection
  • Accident prevention thanks to curved design


Doosan Cobots have a state-of-the-art precision force control.

  • They are skilled partners who perform sophisticated tasks smoothly and effortlessly
  • Automatically measure key job data, such as weight and direction of gravity
  • Perform precision tasks quickly and safely
Doosan Cobots performances
Innovative Doosan Cobots

Innovative and reliable

Doosan Cobots are innovative and reliable partners.

  • Very light – controllable even with one hand
  • Ensure optimal grip and slip prevention
  • Performing tasks in a variety of angles and at the closest distance