A cobot palletiser is an automated system used for handling and stacking boxes on a pallet in a workspace, this turnkey application is becoming increasingly popular due to its extreme versatility and ease of use. The Doosan cobot is a cobot designed to work collaboratively with humans, allowing them to interact and operate safely in the same workspace.

A PalFlex can be used in various applications and industries, such as logistics, manufacturing and warehousing. The cobot is programmed to recognise the objects to be stacked and uses robotic arms of different ranges and reaches to lift, move and position boxes on the pallet precisely and safely.

The main distinguishing feature of the cobot is its ability to work safely and collaboratively with human operators. This means that it does not require physical separation or safety barriers to avoid collisions with human operators. Doosan cobots are equipped with advanced force and motion sensors, allowing them to detect the presence of people or obstacles nearby and adapt their behaviour accordingly.

The use of a collaborative palletising island offers several benefits including: an increase in the efficiency and speed of palletising operations, while reducing operator fatigue, and improves workplace safety as the cobot can take on more repetitive, heavy or dangerous tasks, allowing human operators to focus on higher value-added activities.

Importantly, cobots do not completely replace humans, but work alongside them, improving the overall performance and productivity of the work environment. Thanks to the software embedded in the PalFlex application, the cobot’s programming can be customised to suit the specific application needs of the customer, allowing for greater flexibility and adaptability.

In conclusion, a collaborative palletising cell is an automated system that uses a cobot to handle and stack boxes on pallets. This technology offers benefits such as increased efficiency, improved safety and collaboration between man and machine.

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