The new A-series from Doosan Robotics is also coming to Italy.

Even faster, safer, able to juggle tasks requiring particular precision, reduced work cycles with even faster maximization of ROI.
There will be 2 models available: A0509 with a range of 900 mm and a load capacity of 5 kg; A0912 with a range of 1200 mm and a load capacity of 9 kg.

Safety and higher accuracy allow close cooperation between operator and cobot, thanks to the repeatability of +/-0.03 mm for the A0509 model and +/-0.05 mm for the A0912 model, we can consider the Doosan A-Series one of the most “capable” collaborative robots on the market, and also one of the most precise and suitable for automating many tasks such as screwing, assembling and finishing.

Programming and integration into production processes are within the reach of any operator, thanks to a highly intuitive DART-Platfor and the supplied smart pendant.