Automated palletising and welding islands with collaborative robots

Collaborative robots, also called “Cobots”, offer companies of almost any size the opportunity to economically automate processes of various kinds.
The main advantage of Cobots over traditional robots is safety: the ability of Cobots to work alongside human operators without the need for expensive and cumbersome guarding. It is important, however, to remember that a collaborative application is much more than just a Cobot: it is the combination of the Cobot, an integrated gripper tool that is easily interchangeable, and an application developed through the Cobot control interface. Many activities involve a high risk of musculoskeletal damage, and intense exposure to fumes produced during processes such as welding can cause irritation, and if prolonged over time, damage to the lungs, kidneys, nervous system or even the development of forms of cancer. Therefore, in order to improve the ergonomics and health of their workers, increase productivity and employ workers in more value-added jobs, many companies have decided to automate the tasks assigned in their production departments. The optimal solution is collaborative robotics; INDEVA Cobotics has turnkey solutions that fully meet all the needs exposed by companies, with a very favourable payback plan. Cobot integration can be achieved quickly and easily, thanks to the inherent technology of Doosan Cobots and the great experience of

Scaglia INDEVA, which has been providing intelligent solutions and systems for manual handling of loads for forty years. The introduction of these systems means that fewer operators are needed, allowing them to focus on more value-added activities. An example of a very effective collaborative solution is
Indeva Cobotics’ PalFlex, an automated palletising island that can be easily applied to different processes. This is possible thanks to the palletising software, through which, in a simple and intuitive way, we can reset the pallet configuration according to the size of the boxes. The Pallet Configurator is a graphical programming method designed to allow users to quickly create palletizing configurations that can be executed by a Doosan collaborative robot: the operator can configure the pallet according to the different dimensions of the boxes and the pallet and immediately view the results by adjusting the Cobot’s actions in a few seconds. Another interesting solution is the one developed for welding departments, called MyWelder, with which MIG, MAG and TIG welding can be performed. Thanks to the possibility of connecting the welding machine to the Cobot and communicating specific switch-on and switch-off points, it is possible to achieve exceptional welding quality: this eliminates uncertainties and process drifts that end up affecting the final quality of the work. The available welding trajectory options are also vast, ranging from ZIG-ZAG, CIRCULAR, SYNOSOIDAL and TRAPEZOIDAL.

Collaborative palletizing island