Doosan E-Series

Doosan E-Series Cobots are collaborative robots specifically designed to operate in food production environments, where special attention to hygiene, safety and compliance with food regulations is required.

These robots are designed with materials and coatings that can be easily cleaned and disinfected, reducing the risk of food contamination. In addition, they have recently received National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) certification for food hygiene safety, thanks to features such as sealed spaces between the cobot’s connecting axles.

NSF certification is one of the most internationally recognised certification organisations in the food, safety and public health sector.

NSF-certified products and equipment undergo rigorous testing and evaluation to ensure compliance with the standards and requirements set by the organisation.

Food industry cobots can be used at different stages of the production process, such as

  1. Packaging: they can be used to label and package food products accurately and quickly (see also related palletising and labelling applications)
  2. Inspection: equipped with cameras and sensors, they can check the quality and integrity of products during production
  3. Handling: they can be used for the safe and precise handling of ingredients or food products
  4. Cleaning: some cobots are also designed to perform cleaning and sanitising tasks in equipment and work environments

The use of cobots in the food industry offers many advantages, including increased efficiency, greater precision and reduced risk of contamination.

Doosan E-Series Cobots are used in a variety of applications including:

  • Fried food preparation: easily frying food in oil at 170° C
  • Coffee preparation: prepare up to three cups of espresso in 15 seconds, just like a barista
  • Noodle preparation: boiling and cooking a variety of noodle dishes, such as rice noodles and udon, while maintaining a consistent quality
  • Ice cream preparation: makes ice cream and delivers it directly to customers
  • Preparation of beer: extracts draft beer and serves it to the pickup area