how to fry chicken with a cobot

The food industry is just one of the sectors that is benefiting from the efficiency of Doosan Cobots, which can be used not only for palletising or on production lines, but also in catering for food preparation, frying and cooking.

A fast food line decided to improve its product quality and productivity through automation. For this reason it relied on Doosan Cobots, for which Scaglia Indeva® is the official distributor, and installed a frying cobot in one of its shops.  The robotic arm receives orders directly from the app, plunges the breaded chicken into the pan of boiling oil and after exactly six minutes for boneless pieces and nine for those with bones, extracts the chicken, which doesn’t stay in the fryer a second longer than necessary, ensuring a perfect degree of frying. This is the secret that makes it so tasty. The attendant occasionally shakes the basket to ensure even frying and takes care of the final step, i.e. wrapping the product and delivering it to the customer. The shop manager specifies that during peak times, it is difficult for the workers to carefully follow the cooking phase and ensure the best quality. The Doosan Cobot, on the other hand, ensures consistent product quality at all times, even during peak times.  The shop manager says that he works side by side with the robot from 16.00 to 22.30 on weekdays and from 12 to 23.30 at weekends and that he could no longer imagine working without the help of the Doosan cobot. In economic terms, the savings are considerable and amount to around $2,210 per month and the Return On Investment is also significant.

Initially, the cobots seemed to be aimed particularly at start-ups and small to medium-sized companies, however, larger companies are also appreciating the obvious benefits of using cobots.

Doosan Cobots are the ideal solution in the Food & Beverage industry because they provide a number of significant benefits starting with higher productivity and faster cycle times. In addition, Doosan Cobots, distributed by Indeva Cobotics, ensure superior quality and consistency and less waste. The introduction of a Doosan Cobot, which tirelessly performs tedious and repetitive tasks, also allows operators to take on more value-added tasks. Finally, Doosan Cobots are extremely safe and can actually work alongside operators as they sense the presence of the operator and stop or slow down movement when the operator enters the Cobot’s working area.

Indeva Cobotics provides turn-key solutions that are fully customisable to each customer’s specific needs.