Collaborative robots for creating collaborative applications

According to recent research, combining humans and cobots increases business productivity by about 85% compared to retaining only a human operator or including a traditional robot.
In order to obtain these results, however, we must be concerned about 2 fundamental aspects: the type of use we intend to make of the Cobot and the safety of the environment in which it is placed.
INDEVA Cobotics, thanks to its deep experience in the field of ergonomics and productivity enhancement, is able to offer its customers a detailed picture of these aspects related to collaborative robotics.

Collaborative robots are the latest in modern robotics: lighter, easier to set up, less costly and more affordable for SMEs eager to automate their production processes.
Ease of use is mainly provided by the self-learning feature that allows the robotic arm to be manually guided to make the collaborative robot learn the gripping movements.
Cobots can work, unlike robots, in open spaces and shared with the human operator, moreover, thanks to their lightness and the possibility of being equipped with a mobile base, they can be moved to different work stations according to needs. In a collaborative application the essential thing is not the Cobot, but the application itself. Thecollaborative application therefore includes the Cobot, the set of accessories and grippers, the vision systems, the safeties and the software that will manage the activity performed by the collaborative robot.

In order for an application to be fully collaborative, it should not be the suppliers who develop thecollaborative application, but the direct users. INDEVA Cobotics is particularly concerned with the analysis of its customers’ application proposals and helps them find the best way to implement them.