Collaborative robots, also referred to as cobots (Collaborative Robots), offer companies of almost any size the opportunity to cost-effectively automate processes of various kinds.

The main advantage of cobots over traditional robots is safety: the ability of cobots to work alongside human operators without the need for expensive and cumbersome guards. Before being a technological evolution, it is a cultural revolution: the robot is no longer seen only as an instrument to replace human work, but as a tool for collaboration.

It is important, however, to remember that a collaborative application is much more than just a cobot: itis the combination of the cobot, an integrated, easily interchangeable gripper tool, and an application developed through the Cobot’s own control interface.

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LoadFlex: Modules for interlocking and storage.

Machine tending, for example, can be a dangerous operation with a high risk of burns, crushing, handling sharp or cutting parts, the possibility of developing carpal tunnel syndrome, and many others.

INDEVA Cobotics’ servo and storage modules are compatible with most CNC control models. They move easily, allowing you to Automate multiple machines with a single cobot. I Doosan Cobots are equipped with 6 load cells, one for each joint, which ensure a minimum contact force of 0.2N and a double calculation algorithm that allows the Cobot to move only if the 2 results match perfectly. These features, combined with software, vision systems, highly qualified gripping tools, peripherals and signal LEDs, ensure an extremely high level of operator safety.
Extremely high level of operator safety

By automating these processes, you can improve operator safety and ergonomics and have employees available for more useful tasks. Automation can also increase production and allow it to continue after normal working hours.

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MyWelder: welding station with Doosan Cobot

Intense exposure to fumes produced during the welding process can cause irritation to the eyes, nose, and throat, not to mention dizziness and nausea, and if prolonged over time, damage to the lungs, kidneys, nervous system, and even, depending on the fumes, the development of forms of cancer.
Many SMEs, tired of losing orders, have decided to approach the possibilities offered by collaborative robotics, able to propose flexible solutions and able to manage even short batches with a high mix.

With collaborative solutions, there is no need for cages or protective fencing around the applications, making them small and compact.
With Doosan Cobots it is possible to perform MIG, MAG and TIG welding.

Thanks to the possibility of connecting the welding machine to the cobot and communicating specific on/off points, it is possible to obtain exceptional welding quality because it is possible to set the individual welding seams to be produced with extreme precision: this eliminates uncertainties and process drifts that end up affecting the final quality of the work.
The available welding path options arealso extensive and range from the ZIG-ZAG configuration, with the possibility of controlling the amplitude of the wave and the speed at which it travels through a period; CIRCULAR, with the possibility of modifying separately the two amplitudes and their respective speeds; SYNOSOIDAL, with the possibility of modifying the amplitude and the period; and TRAPEZOIDAL, with the possibility of establishing a welding time from P1 to P2 and a different one for going from P2 to P1, as well as for accelerations and setting a rest time after reaching the points.


PalFlex: Collaborative Palletizing Island

Many activities involve a high risk of musculoskeletal damage resulting from repetitive handling of loads and have health effects resulting from monotonous and repetitive work.

Therefore, in order to improve ergonomics and safeguard the health of their workers, increase productivity and employ workers in jobs with greater added value, many companies have decided to automate the tasks assigned in production departments.

Theoptimal solution is collaborative robotics; INDEVA Cobotics has the turnkey solution that fully meets all the needs exposed by companies, with a certain plan of return on investment very favorable.

Cobot integration can be achieved quickly and easily, thanks to the inherent technology of Doosan Cobots and the great experience of Scaglia INDEVA, which has been providing intelligent solutions and systems for manual handling of loads for forty years. The introduction of these systems allows for the use of fewer operators who can then focus on higher value-added activities. Automation does not cause staff cuts, on the contrary, it enhances the Company’s production capacity and consequently the possibility of increasing jobs.

Among the benefits clearly perceived by the company is the re-deployment of Cobots, which are easily applicable to different processes. This is possible thanks to the palletizing software, through which it is possible to easily and intuitively reset the configuration of the pallet according to the size of the boxes.

The Pallet Configurator is a graphical programming method designed to allow users to quickly create palletizing configurations that can be performed by a Doosan collaborative robot: it further facilitates the programming and use of the Cobot, without requiring specific training and for those using a collaborative robot for the first time.

The operator can configure the pallet according to the different box and pallet sizes and immediately view the results by adjusting the Cobot’s actions in seconds.


MoveFlex: integration between cobot and AGVs

Scaglia INDEVA has developed a mobile collaborative robot. The combination of INDEVA AGV automated guidance systems with Doosan Cobots, in fact, has resulted in a robot capable of moving and performing operations such as screwing in body assembly stations or positioning tires. The Cobot can work continuously and, thanks to the charging stations, the AGV ensures a constant charge that does not slow down the work cycle.

COBOT ON AGV by Indeva Cobotics