Sample assembly with Doosan Cobot

Scaglia INDEVA studied the different phases of sample assembly together with the customer, verifying processes, timing and problems. The solution was a Doosan Cobot.


Maximum safety with Doosan cobots

Doosan Cobots + High Quality Interfaces + Indeva Consulting = Extremely safe and efficient Collaborative Applications for a wide variety of tasks in industrial manufacturing.

Teach Pendant operator level control and programming unit for Doosan Cobot

Comparison between Universal Robot and Doosan Cobot

Doosan Cobots are available in four variants with payloads ranging from 6 to 15 kilograms and reach from 900 to 1700 mm. Highly intuitive operator-level programming, with the Teach Pendant interface offering a selection of pre-set tasks and functions in a clear manner.

Cobotics for SMEs

Robotics designed for SMEs

SMEs, which include medium-sized, small and micro enterprises, are distinguished from other categories by their size, employment and financial limitations. The added value of these companies, however, amounts to more than 500 billion euros, while the role in terms of employment amounts to about 17 million employees. SMEs, despite their limitations, are therefore classified among…

Doosan Cobots - collaborative advantages

Differences between Robots and Cobots: all the advantages of cobotics

Robots in recent years are making more and more room in the industrial scenario. Just think that only in Italy the data confirm a growth in requests of 19%, for a total of about 8 thousand units sold. Recently we have seen the advent of Cobots, which can work outside of the “cages” typically used…

packaging and palletizing

Perfect and fast packaging and palletizing with Cobots

Thanks to the safety features that allow the creation of virtual barriers within which the Cobot can move, it is possible to obviate all the typical costs for the installation of traditional robots, such as the installation of perimeter barriers. One of the typical applications where this particular safety is required is definitely packaging and…

Cobots for screwing

Repetitive screwing? Leave it to your trusted Cobot!

Screwing is one of the most appropriate applications to be performed by a Cobot, not only for the repetitiveness of the operation but also for the quality of the operations performed. In fact, the collaborative robot is capable of delivering the right force for tightening, eliminating the risk of fraying the screw or bolt being…