INDEVA Cobotics

INDEVA® develops modular, ready-to-use solutions with Doosan Cobots that ensure safety and ergonomics in the workplace.

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INDEVA Cobotics: process automation with collaborative robots

From March 2019 the new division of Scaglia Indeva INDEVA COBOTICS is operational, completely dedicated to propose collaborative applications with Doosan and AGV INDEVA Cobots.

A Series


A Series
The perfect Cobot for simple and fast work cyclesthat do not require sophisticated controls.

H Series

The longest reach in its class and a high payload

H Series
The most powerful Cobot on the market.
Maximum payload of 25 kg and optimal safety thanks to its 6 torque sensors.


The most advanced

M Series
The ideal Cobot for complex work cycles.
Its high control technology enables it to handle work cycles with dexterity while ensuring maximum safety and collision sensitivity.


Designed for the food industry

E Series

The Cobot has the flexibility to be used in all sectors of the food and beverage industry,

offering extremely competitive prices and the highest standards of safety and hygiene for the food industry.

Latest news

Doosan E Series: Leading players in the food industry

Doosan E-Series Cobots are collaborative robots specifically designed to operate in food production environments, where special attention to hygiene, safety and compliance with food regulations is required.

PalFlex: a solution for every production department

A PalFlex can be used in various applications and industries, such as logistics, manufacturing and warehousing.

DOOSAN ROBOTICS has launched the NSF-certified E-Series line of cobots

Doosan Robotics, the world’s leading manufacturer of collaborative robots, announced in Seoul on April 17, 2023, the launch of E-SERIES, the NSF-certified line of collaborative robots created specifically for the food and beverage industry.

A long history of... Automation

Manufacturers of industrial manipulators at the forefront of technology since 1975 and later of self-driving vehicles, today Scaglia Indeva adds Doosan Cobots to its product range with the creation of the new INDEVA COBOTICS division, which offers collaborative applications.

Scaglia INDEVA is based in Val Brembilla, about fifty kilometres from Milan. A series of qualified partners throughout Italy actively collaborate with the INDEVA Cobotics Business Unit.